Ain't Nae Place Like Hame

I love Glasgow and I love Scotland for a variety of reasons and I missed so many things about it when I was living in America for a few years, mainly the banter. I can be a right wee sarcastic bam and usually say a bunch of things I shouldn’t say so to constantly be met with (lovely) Americans that would say “no way Kat, for real?” when I was (quite clearly to me) taking the piss just deflated me at times, like “Naw Chad, I’m kidding on, sake” Still though I made a bunch of pals for life and I’d never change them for the world because they were dynamite in their own way. But sure, there was times I was hame sick.

Hame for a lot of us is somewhere that offers us peace, safety, security, love, familiarity and a cracking wee cosy feeling inside. It’s a place that just feels right, a place that makes you feel like you. I felt all those things every time I came back to Glasgow for a visit. But I also felt those things when my family and my pals came to visit me in America and so I realised that for me hame is more than a place, it’s a feeling that the people who are special to me in life give me when we’re around each other. I also experienced similar feelings when I’d get to eat a potato scone and drink Irn Bru after months of not having any haha, nah you get what I mean. Wherever you are in the world as long as you have those kinda people or that one person that makes you feel that way in your life, your hame.

Once upon a time I asked a pal to define what hame meant to them and it stuck in my mind that they were struggling to find the right words to describe it so directed me to a Snow Patrol song with the lyrics “the perfect words never crossed my mind ‘cause there was nothing in there but you” and honestly that kinda sums up the point I’m trying to make really. We have that big fuck off pink sign ‘People Make Glasgow’ in the City Centre and it’s so true. It’s all about the people. Life and all it’s experiences is all about the people we know or meet, the connections we make and the relationships we build with each other and I fucking love us as a nation for all the random ways in which we find ourselves making these lasting, valuable impressions on each other. You only need to think of someone and you can stir up all those feelings from hame and depending on your mood you’ll feel happy or sad.

I asked people on Instagram stories what they loved about Scotland and I was catching all the feelings again when I was reading their answers. The amount of people that said ‘patter’, ‘banter’, ‘humour’ and ‘good cunts’ was telling of the fact that we value each other more than anything else and also reminded me how when I’ve been anywhere else in the world I’ve never had the same level of connection with people as I have here, cause we just get it. We just fucking get it, we’re brilliant!

I was telling somebody the other day about how when I was away I found an international aisle in a supermarket and in the UK and Ireland section there was tins of Heinz potato and leek soup and Irn Bru and I was nearly greeting as I was filling up a trolley with each haha! It’s the simple things, the wee pleasures in life that make you happy. My wee maw gave me that soup when I was wee so automatically I thought of her and Irn Bru has always been my hangover cure so I instantly remembered night oots with my pals from home. Nostalgia and special memories force the feeling of hame on you and you miss it, you miss the people…....big time. That’s why I went away for a bit, did my thing and came back. I need hame in my life to be happy, I need those people to be a constant because relying on the thought of them to make me feel good inside just wasn’t enough, I need to physically be around them and when I am, there’s no much else I need.

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