Be Kind Tae Yer Mind Wae Ryan Mooney

Ryan has very kindly shared his experience of his personal struggles with his mental health as part of this BLOG series being made available tae support the mental health foundations awareness week 2020. The theme is kindness. By sharing his story Ryan is demonstrating kindness in two ways. Kindness tae himself for getting the help he needed when he needed it and kindness to others who might take comfort and or action due to his honesty in this post. He's done really well tae share his experience here cause god knows it’s no easy tae put yersel oot there but he wants tae help people who might be feeling a similar kinda way and show ye that there’s a way oot, there’s people there who can help ye when ye feel like there’s no hope. Thank you Ryan, we’re aw rooting for you pal and are very grateful for yer contribution. Withoot any mer chat fae me, here's Ryan’s words....

My name is Ryan Mooney, I'm a soft landscape gardener, I'm 27 years old, originally from the bold Motherwell but currently living in Airdrie, and my mind is my own worst enemy, I suffer from chronic back pain, I had quite a serious back injury at work when I was 18 and I've been suffering every day since, it's an inoperable injury due to it being nerve damage, and having to take nearly 30 tablets a day to keep my pain at bay has a real damaging effect on my mind. I've became dependent on the tablets I've been prescribed and having to deal with the effects that come with that aren't nice, having a flare up causes me to have serious anxiety and stress right down to me thinking that I can't handle the pain anymore and without fail every time I contemplate suicide, but I've always managed to beat they thoughts until Christmas time in 2019 when an accumulation of other factors in my life including serious debt problems which I've since tackled and I've seeked help with that. I couldn't take it anymore and one day coming home from work I decided I would try and take my life. But I didn't, I contacted Chris' House and they talked me off the ledge so to speak, they showed me everything I have to live for including the only things that actually have kept me here, my beautiful Mrs and crazy bonkers princess called Isla, she is only 2 years old and has seen me cry more times than she should but her smile and laugh can quell any of my demons, I still have dark thoughts, they're always going to linger but I think I'm in a much better place than I've ever been thanks to the amazing people at Chris' House, also Kat's little yellow squares have helped me more than she thinks due to being relatable and actually being herself! Any way I've rambled on enough! This was kinda hard to put into words but if I can show that there is light at the end then I don't mind at all!.

Thank you, Ryan

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