Slide in my DM's with Cat Cubie

Cat Cubie is a woman who has many roles in life; TV Presenter, Blogger ( and Columnist to name a few, but what appears to be her favourite (and no doubt the most rewarding) role is that of 'mum'. I was thrilled to bits when Cat agreed to take part in this series of blog posts because I knew she would have insightful and valuable advice to share around the importance of 'maternal mental health' (annnd I have been a long time supporter of her work - total fan girl moment when joined this blog series!) But seriously, Cat is bringing to a close the end of the '7 days, 7 posts - Slide in my Dm's Series' in support of the Mental Health Foundations Awareness week, but she is by no means least!

Show this genuinely lovely lady and all around super woman - eh she's cycling across Kenya for Team Mum don't ye know?! so yes, show her some support over on Instagram @catqb and click the link in her bio for more information and to donate! It was an absolute pleasure gabbing to you Cat!

Watch the video below to have a wee read at our chat!

Share the link, tag the post, all that jazz because you never know who needs to read something like this right now. Kat x

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