Slide in my DM's with Chris Bungard

Updated: May 19, 2019

Chris Bungard is an MMA fighter, fighting within Bellator. He is the first Scottish MMA fighter to sign for the promotion (massive accomplishment!) and yet he remains completely humble and willing to offer his support in any way he can to raise awareness surrounding mental health - the guy is always championing the work of the staff at Chris's House in Wishaw (centre of help, response and suicide intervention) and does a lot of work himself to raise awareness around mental health issues. The conversation was open, honest and to the point! Go show Chris your support for taking part in this series on instagram @cowabungard and go check out his podcast 'The Bad Patter Podcast' where despite the name you'll find some good banter from a sound guy!

Watch the video below to have a wee read at our conversation! Cheers Chris!

Share the link, tag the post, all that jazz - you never know who needs to read something like this right now. Kat x

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