Slide in my DM's with James Harkness

James Harkness is a successful actor from Glasgow. He has been flying the flag for Scottish talent for many years, most recently playing 'Elliot' in the film 'Wild Rose' and 'Craig Myers' in the popular BBC series 'The Victim' (both by the way are amazing and if you haven't seen them, then what have you been doing? - make it a priority!) James, despite his success is a genuine, down to earth guy (you can take the guy out the Gorbals and all that...) and he was willing to help me raise awareness around mental health issues and the stigma right from the get go, making time for this chat around his busy filming schedule and his gorgeous wee family (really appreciate it James!, There's a pint for you behind the bar in The Laurieston, haha!)

Watch the video below to have a wee read at our chat!

Share the link, tag the post, all that jazz because you never know who needs to read something like this right now. Kat x

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