Slide in my DM's with Laura Maginiss

Laura Maginess is the fabulous creater and founder of the Glasglow Girls Club. A really amazing members website that focuses on bringing together women from Glasgow and the surrounding areas, getting them out and about mixing, mingling and experiencing their best lives in Glasgow, personally and professionally. It's ah-ma-zing (yes I'm a member - no I'm not bias, it really is the bees knees!) Laura is also a successful pod caster, editor, blogger and all round lovely girl. She's instantly likable, super friendly and very memorable (it's the lovely pink hair!) Give her some support over on Instagram @pinktartandolly and check out her business for great deals, workshops, exclusives and a fantastic network of wonderful women @glasglowgirlsclub /

Watch the video below to have a wee read at our chat!

Share the link, tag the post, all that jazz - you never know who needs to read something like this right now. Kat x

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