Yer Awrite, But Why?

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

What's this all about?

Alritey, you come here often?

Annnd that's my lousy attempt at an introduction out the way! Now you know the standard of my banter you can choose to read on or close the tab (just kidding don't do that!). My name is Kat, I'm a Glasgow Girl with a passion for all things creative. I started my instagram @yer_awrite round about December last year because I wanted to push myself out my comfort zone. So for me that meant sharing the wee designs, doodles and editable art that I create, paired with my thoughts, advice etc. with strangers on the internet. Doesn't sound like a big deal right? I mean loads of people do that all over the world and yet it was bloody terrifying for me. I didn't (and actually still haven't) told any of my friends about it, like not properly and we don't follow each other on this account because of the fear I had at the beginning. The fear of opening up about things or showing off a wee design and being judged. How stupid is that in the grand scheme of things? I know that it is. My friends would never judge me or make me feel bad about doing something I like and yet here I am still kinda in hiding from them about this. That people is called anxiety and myself and anxiety have been together for a good while now. It's been a rocky relationship I won't lie to you, it's been one that has taken me years to understand and one that I am now pleased to say I am in control of (well for the most part). Anxiety to me is like the miserable fucking ex that just won't leave you alone. Every time you think you've 'washed that dick out your hair', he appears again like an industrial dry shampoo. Every time you think you've blocked him from every type of social media you're on, you realise he's enlisted the help of a bloody carrier pigeon to contact you. You get my gist here, anxiety used to rule my life and all the decisions I made and now at this point in my life, in my thirties I'm finally like "fuck off pal!". But in a more real sense I've developed coping strategies over the years, I know my own triggers, I'm educated in helping kids with social and emotional trauma which in turn has helped me too, I am as I said finally in control. There will be plenty blog posts around the topic of anxiety here on the site as time goes on so I won't ramble too much right now. But what I will say is for as long as I can remember, through every anxious situation I've experienced, every anxiety attack, literally everything that has attempted to break me, my mum (Wee Liz, she's an absolute diamond by the way) has always said to me "yer awrite" followed by a ton of life saving and invaluable advice I'll add, but honestly some times in my life all I've needed to hear is "yer awrite" to feel ok and so it felt natural to me that if I was to try and 'pass the positivity' (as I like to say) that I would do so using her words of wisdom.

Right - thank fuck the first post is out the way (anxiety be gone! ha!) I look forward to sharing more here so check back from time to time/subscribe/follow on instagram - all that jazz!

Cheers for reading,

Kat x

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