NEW Yer Awrite 'Am Nae Mug' mugs fulla the patter fae the yella squares!


Mugs are hand-printed by ma pal in Glesga.

There's a limited design on sale each month so the 'fuck off' wan is for August, next month there'll be a new wan.  So if yer no fast yer last! 

Each mug comes wae a printed post card of the matching yella square and is delivered in a smash proof box (swear tae god, see if these boxes urny smash proof, i'll heavy cause it!)

Perfect gifts for yersel or yer wee granny!


Mugs are 11oz ceramic, measuring 92mm high by 80mm diameter.

Avoid using in the dishwasher tae keep them looking dynamite but!

The shipping is a bastard - sorry troops!


Mon then ya mug, mon get me!!!



Am Nae Mug - Fuck Off